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Swifty the Instant printer was established in 1968 by King Autry, owner of George Autry Printers. Because small rush jobs always seemed to get lost in the large shop, they were sent to Swifty. Instant Printers were highly successful and grew at a rapid rate. As our customers grew, so did their needs and we answered by putting in the newest state of the art equipment as new technology was introduced. We ordered our first Macintosh computer a few days after they were introduced and was thrust into a whole new world of printing. With the onset of computers in the communications and graphics field we felt the need to change our name to Swifty CommuniGraphics in 1990.

From day one, we put service and quality first and that remains so at Swifty today. Our customers seem to be leaders in our community and their industries as well. Our sales staff and employees are dedicated to our customers and never seem to lose their enthusiasm to want to please. Come check us out, see what you think. We would like to have you join our family.

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